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Can You Do 25 in One Day?

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I’ll admit it: I’m terrible about leaving comments!

I read other blogs through Bloglines because it’s quicker, so I often read from a third-party site where there’s no way to comment without clicking through to the source blog. (No, it’s not much of an excuse, but that’s all I’ve got at the moment!)

So I thought I’d offer a solution…for me and for those like me.

Why not set aside one day as “25 Comments Day” in the blogosphere! Everyone who wants to participate should right-click on the logo, save it to your desktop and upload to your own blog to let others know about it. Then, this Sunday, take the time — even if it means not posting anything on your own blog — to leave at least 25 comments at other blogs.

There are just three little catches:

1. The comments have to relate to the post. You have to respond as though you were leaving a normal comment outside of this challenge. The blog owner shouldn’t feel like he’s just being “tagged” because he’s one of the 25.

2. You can’t mention in your comments that you’re doing a comment marathon, and you can’t mention any kind of count or progress report on how many comments you’ve left so far. This is to make sure that the blogger doesn’t feel like she’s “just a number.”

3. You can’t count more than two comments on the same blog. If you want to leave ten comments on one person’s blog, that’s fine, but you can only count two of them towards your 25. The reason? Simple: we want to “share the wealth” when it comes to commenting.

So what do you think? Are you in?

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Yes, I’m in…is it for Sundays? Or do we pick any day we want? Duh, I probably already read the answer…


There are rules too?


OK … I did it … just barely. I’m counting this one as 25!


This certainly is a great idea. I have made so many good blogging connections just by leaving comments. I try to respond to all comments left on my blog by going to their blogs and leaving one. After a couple of repeats… bang! You’ve got yourself a blog friend!

Rodney Olsen

I only wish I’d heard of this one earlier.

It’s already Monday morning here. I missed it. 🙁