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Peter Found, But Still Missing


For the past few years now, a familiar holiday commercial has been missing from the airwaves.&nbsp  I’m talking about that Folger’s Coffee commercial in which “Peter” returns home, apparently earlier than expected, for Christmas while his family is still asleep.&nbsp  Ever the considerate son, he wakes the family not by screaming at the top of his lungs or some other cruel prank, but instead by preparing a nice carafe of Folger’s.

The aroma of the family’s preferred brand of java wakes them all for the touching reunion.

The spot had a long life.&nbsp  Shot in 1986, it ran for nearly 20 years before it faded from the airwaves.&nbsp  But people are so familiar with it that they swear that they just saw it last year.

For those who’ve been wondering, despite the fact that his famous 30-second commercial is missing, Peter was “found” last year by Brandland USA, who interviewed Greg Wrangler, the actor who played the college kid-turned-barista — wait, is that redundant?

2009 will be about the fifth year or so we haven’t seen this familiar ad, but it turns out that Peter hasn’t been resting on his laurels since the spot made its debut.&nbsp  Among his roles is an occasionally-recurring one on The Young and the Restless.&nbsp  For the record, he plays Traci Abbott’s husband, Steve; I actually saw him on the show not long ago, and was thinking I’d seen him on something else, but never made the connection to the coffee commercial.

I fact, <del>Peter</del> Greg has quite a listing of acting gigs at the Internet Movie Database.&nbsp  I’m sure I’ve seen him, but even then, it never occurred to me where I first saw him.

In the meantime, even though “Peter” has been found, the role that made him part of our holidays remains missing from the airwaves.

Thank goodness for Youtube:


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